Is VisionQuest funded by the government or FNHA?
Yes. VisionQuest is funded by the Ministry of Social Development, which will cover anyone on social assistance. Any First Nations person who cannot access MSD funding will be funded by FNHA

How much are VisionQuest program fees?
Please contact our head office for information regarding prices 604-946-1841

Does VisionQuest accept people on Methadone or Suboxone?

My loved one is currently incarcerated but wants to access recovery services, how would they contact you?
They can contact us either through our toll-free number: 1-855-637-6356 or by calling the drug and alcohol line where they can be transferred to us.

Do you offer detox services?
No, however our intake coordinator will work with you to access detox services where we will pick you up when you have completed your detox and transport you to our site.

Do I need to stay the full six months to one year?
To access all the programs provided a resident will need to remain for at least the six month 1st stage program. After which if they choose to move on we will work with them and community services to secure safe and affordable housing.

Are the facilities co-ed?
No the women’s and men’s facilities are separate.

Am I permitted to smoke?
Yes, at the designated smoking areas outside.

Can I bring my vehicle?
You are not permitted to bring vehicles, we cannot accommodate them onsite.

When can I use the phone?
1 call on arrival, 2 weeks initial phone restriction after which a schedule of 2 phone calls per week will be enacted.

Am I able to leave to visit family?
After 90 days with the approval of case managers, weekend passes are permitted.

Can I work while in 1st stage?
No, the 1st stage program is designed to focus solely on recovery. Working is permitted/encouraged in 2nd stage.

What should I bring?
• Bedding and towels are provided but you may bring your own if you prefer.
• 2-3 weeks of comfortable clothing, be mindful of changing seasons in the Interior.
• Shoes/sandals for summer months, boots for winter
• Jacket/coat
• Toiletries/personal hygiene.
o Toothbrush/paste
o Shampoo/soap
o Shaving kit, deodorant
o Feminine hygiene products
o * Please note all bottles must be unopened and will be inspected upon arrival and discarded if unsealed.
• Prescribed medications including 2-3 weeks of prescriptions
• MP3 player with no WIFI access
• Books and art supplies
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