Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide supportive recovery housing in a safe therapeutic environment. VisonQuest provides education regarding the disease of addiction and the accompanying lifestyle, helping clients to gain insight and direction towards individual change and a successful reintegration back into society.

Vision Statement

“…Recovery: A life Worth Living…”

Mission Statement

The VisionQuest Recovery Society is committed to helping individuals heal from the disease of addiction by empowering them to make better lifestyle choices. We bring substance-addicted clients into a comprehensive healing journey, involving mind, body and spirit based on 12-step philosophy. We are especially attuned to the needs of individuals with a history with the courts, and actively cooperate with the relevant authorities to further the interests of both our clients and, by extension, the wider community.

VisionQuest Recovery Society believes that:

All people entering recovery need to be treated with dignity and respect
All people thrive in an atmosphere of acceptance
All people will feel safe when surrounded by constructive boundaries and guidelines
All people have the right to play substance free
No one can reach their finest potential while in an institution

VisionQuest Recovery Society also believes that the individual, with a growing healthy support network, restored family ties, an educational/therapeutic healing program, and the belief in a “Power Greater than Self” can resolve addictive behavioural patterns that render one powerless and seemingly without choice regarding self-destructive behaviours.


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