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LifeMatters – Life Skills Program
Visit Life Matters Academy for more information.

We employ the use of the ‘LifeMatters’ life skills program, developed by the medical department of University College Cork, as an integral part of our core life skills program.

LifeMatters is a UCC wide project focused on enhancing the students’ experience by promoting mental health, emotional wellbeing and life skills. It is a biological, psychological and social programme (bio-psycho-social), designed and researched by Dr. Margaret O’Rourke, Director of Behavioural Science, School of Medicine, UCC. The LifeMatters programme is a core contributor to the UCC strategic plan to enhance the student experience.

LifeMatters Aims To:
Teach valuable life skills that students will implement into their daily routine to promote quality of life, self esteem and emotional wellbeing thereby providing the foundation upon which excellence can be built.

Identify key resources for…

Intervention level

The LifeMatters programme

Involves 6 workshops of 1.5 hour duration for each participant selected.
Open to all UCC students.
Free of charge.
Courses will be running throughout the years 2009-2011.
You can enrol for the programme by making contact through the “contact us” link page.

Visit Life Matters Academy for more information.





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