Client Intake Form

Please download the following 2 downloadable forms fill out and either fax to 1-855-873-2987 or email to :

Client Intake Form 2017

MSD Confirmation of Income 2016-07-12

We provide a range of services from Intervention through Rehabilitation and Day programs to Remote Drug Testing services. Using a holistic approach, the VisionQuest Recovery Society is dedicated to providing the most affirming, positive, life-altering experience within a professional, safe and sustaining environment.

People from all walks of life, from all backgrounds and from all Nations are invited to participate in a comprehensive response based on the Twelve Steps and complemented by extensive and thorough programs developed by VisionQuest.

If you wish to enter or If you know someone who wishes to enter the VisionQuest program, please fill out the intake package form below and send it to us.

Doctors, Crown or Defence Counsel, referral agents and alcohol and drugs counselors will find that these documents will provide an insight to the objectives and operations of the VisionQuest Recovery Society programs. Thank you

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